X Door

Complexity: simple
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X Door

A chic, solid yet secure 3×3 door.

The secret of this door is that the upper and the two pistons on the side are normal pistons that simply retract. The lower piston, on the other hand, is a double piston.


This is how you build the double piston:
Orange=Run in
The retract uses a so called "Pose extender" which gives a short signal only:

Now you just have to connect the rest of the pistons, which is easy enough to build without instructions.

For the block in the middle of the door, it is recommended to use a block that is symmetrical in itself, such as:
- emerald block
- Silicified stone tile
- redstone lamp
- tree trunks
An avid Minecrafter who doesn't shy away from redstone and command blocks or decorating ideas.


  1. @DjDope yes, but a simple iron door will do against zombies.
    I think the point of this door is mainly against multiplayer, since extended pistons are not mineable. Since zombies but do not mine, this door is unnecessary against zombies

  2. Hello,
    Unfortunately, you can not see the pulse shortener on your "instructions". This is hidden with you below the birch plank block. Also in your texts is not in it that you have placed this. You talk about a "pose-extender", which, by the way, is called Pulse-Shortner.
    Unfortunately, you had not specified that you have put under this block of wood. So that others do not also puzzle for hours how that should go, here is a photo: