365/366 days calendar v1

Complexity: simple
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365/366 days calendar v1

Hello and Happy Easter,

I once made up a calendar that counts 365/366 days,

so every 4 years 366 days, moreover you can also use certain days

such as holidays, birthdays whatever for days, adjust

so that an event is automatically triggered. New Year's Eve is already fixed

set with fireworks.

I got the idea for this calendar while building a bench. Since I do not deal

that the bank employees should have a 7-day week,

I wanted to set the days of the week for a free weekend. With the construction

I used an old circuit from my elevator and rebuilt it.

I noticed that the days can be counted wonderfully with it,

and this is the first version of the calendar.


so now times a few pictures...

The display shows the month, weeks of the month and days of the week.

A still a little too small room to set

of public holidays or personal days (changes

in v2). The calendar can start from a desired month

can be started with the desired day (month, day

and leap year are adjustable, month weeks are not

because when you change the month automatically always

is the 1st of the month).

2 connections leading to the roof for certain events,

the 2 exits on the roof, where you can go at will

Installing circuits, launchers or whatever

can for his selected event.

4 preinstalled launchers with fireworks rockets

which automatically turns empty on New Year's Eve

Fire and then shut down again.

To set a specific day you need

you get a gate which has 3 inputs and 1 output.

As already mentioned, the space here is still very limited,

which will be very different with the v2.

Then you draw from the desired month a

Line to the gate,

a line from the day still to the gate,

and now just pick the weeks of the month.

The monthly weeks are now still used for

Day finding (which also changes in v2),

i.e. 1st week of the month stands for the 1st - 7th day of the month

2. Week of the month stands for the 8th - 14th day of the month

3. Week of the month stands for the 15th - 21st day of the month

4. Week of the month stands for the 22nd - 28th day of the month

5. Week of the month stands for the 29th - 31st day of the month.

When the selected tag is connected

you only need the desired event

either on the roof, or individually

Run lines to the outside.


Ok that's it from me I wish you still

Happy Easter.

Your ZebraHummel


A tutorial here with pictures and text to post I hold with the calendar for a good idea! Since it would blow up the frame in my opinion would (much too long). Therefore I will at Interest times a video and link it here.