7x7x4 working weather station

Complexity: simple
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7x7x4 working weather station

A working weather station that records rain, day/night, and lightning strikes.

Inside this machine you will find a boiler which fills up in case of precipitation, a daylight sensor for day/night level and a BUD (Block Update Detector) next to a Netherrack to register a lightning strike there.


First, the day/night technique:
Red glass stands for redstone lamps.

Here's the rain gauge:
This is the BUD:
And here is the T-flipflop, which uses the signal of the BUD:
Attention, you have to set the Netherrack one lower, so that the fire of the lightning really arises next to the piston, which then emits the signal. And you should NOT build the whole thing out of wool, because it burns ;)
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  1. Very good idea!
    But doesn't lightning have to strike right into the Netherrack for it to burn? Isn't that very unlikely?
    Still, a big fat LIKE from me.

    The Dirty Duck

  2. Really high praise!
    You just have to teach the kettle from time to time.
    Shouldn't be that much of a hassle though....

  3. Why do I need something like that? A weather station is usually a station that processes weather data and then calculates what the weather will be in the next few days. But this is just a useless machine, which in my opinion also does not look very good.