Simple Slimeblock Clock

Complexity: simple
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Simple Slimeblock Clock

A simple clock with a block of slime.

For people who don't have much redstone knowledge, it comes in handy to know which clocks are available since the clock is probably the most used redstone mechanism. There is the Repeater Clock but since this is the most popular clock I wanted to upload another one: The Slime Clock. It is a very fast clock and the materials needed to make it are very quick to put together. There are several YouTube videos where you can read about it in more detail.


The slimeclock is very well known but I just wanted to
do a short tutorial on how to actually build them.
In any case, you need:
  • a sticky plunger
  • two Redstone blocks
  • a slime block

First build the construction that you also
on the screenshot. Then placed
next to the piston, another Redstone block.
The piston should now move up:


Take down the redstone block you just
and the clock is ready: