A beautiful birch house with cellar to enchant

Complexity: simple
<h1 class=A beautiful birch house with cellar to enchant"/>

A beautiful birch house with cellar to enchant

A small fine birch house with cellar for boxes.also a small balcony is available to chill and grow crops (or what else).



You need about 3 stacks of birch logs and about 48 oak logs (for the cellar with a few boxes). First you should build the house WITHOUT the cellar, then you can add the balcony, cellar and kitchen.


  1. Schön isses not now, but for PE conditions "okay". As I said, that roof is not made of birch logs and please not only 45° roofs. Let's have some variety. You could use the logs on the sides as supports.

  2. I also play in PE and get along great with it.
    I don't think the building is that nice, but the idea itself isn't bad. As I said, the roof is unrealistic and unattractive, to put it kindly.

  3. absolutely not nice. play myself mcpe and the control is easybeasy totally easy. the construction ground is schlescht chosen and and. so all in all ne 3.8 of 5

  4. I agree with you.
    The house is not beautifully designed, the roof much too low.
    I just don't understand what you guys want with funnels, the build doesn't use any.