Block of flats

Complexity: simple
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Block of flats

This house contains several small apartments. Players who are new to a server can rent an apartment and get basic equipment.

each apartment has a bedroom a bathroom with a kitchen all rooms look exactly the same

Stairs house


the hallway with kitchen



Living room

Kitchen with seating



special functions on the house you can turn on or off all the lights


  1. 1. it would be great to see the screenshots during the day.
    2. great bathroom, really! (The wrong picture!)
    3. only put ideas on the internet that are really yours, or that you have at least copied, but that way you earn likes at other people's expense
    4. if I were your guest on the server, I would finally find a use for a lighter!
    5. pay a little attention to your capitalization, please!

  2. @gamegirl
    1. you don't always have to look at everything negatively
    2. if you look at it critically then also name a few good aspects
    3. it was not his idea, but he designed this house himself
    4. you can also take other materials than wool is just an idea
    5. if it annoys you that I interfere you have bad luck :p

  3. From another girl's point of view: Yes, the capitalization is not the hit now, but there are much worse things and probably more attention was paid to the idea than to the text.
    You understand the description, so at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter. *Shrug*

    Anyway... I like the idea. Ne friend and I built the Baxterbuilding and do this apartment thing in it. Each player gets to pick a floor there and use it however they want (TNT is banned though *cough*).

    I will definitely come back to the apartment block.
    I like this one and the idea in general.

    So do you have my Like fully in your pocket (????)?

  4. I've recreated 1:1 it's awesome it took two about 4 std. but the time was worth it I've easily times 15,000 blocks built even if I'm still missing the facility:D