Arena for Monster vs. Golem Fight

Complexity: simple
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Arena for Monster vs. Golem Fight

This is a battle arena where monsters can fight snow golems or iron golems.

In the arena there are two rooms, each with a lever. If you pull the lever, a door in the wall opens.
Then the monsters/golems come out and fight (usually the golems win).
You can recreate the arena sometime.


So the first thing you do is build a large arena out of any block. The arena must be rectangular. Then you build on both short sides a small house that is 10x10 blocks or more.
Next up is the Redstone circuit.

This is the room for the golems.

And this is the room for the monsters.

This is what the rooms for the monsters and golems look like from the inside.
You'll just have to recreate that and like in the other
Pictures build the lever in the right place.


  1. [*]Do not spawn the golems on soul sand or they will get permanent damage.
    [*]Don't let the zombies/skeletons get into the golem room or they will burn.