Automatic water dispenser

Complexity: simple
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Automatic water dispenser

You put empty buckets in the top, water buckets come out the bottom.

This is suitable e.g. for others on protected land or other to have their water buckets filled, or even if you are too lazy ;D
This is a very fast system, and it can convert 9*6 (=54) water buckets and store them temporarily in the chest!
You can also replace the chest with a dispenser and put a button on it, and quickly grab a bucket of water when needed!


I finally managed to implement this idea... and compact and low on resources too!
Here are the other views, I'll upload a video on this soon too, but since YouTube is a bit spidery at the moment....
The block WHOLE DOWN does NOT need to be there!

15 solid building blocks
4 Redstone dust
2 or 3 chests (3 are recommended because you have the space and the buckets cannot be stacked when full)
2 funnels
1 Redstone torch
1 Redstone amplifier
1 Redstone comparator
1 thrower
1 level
1 Filled water bucket (this goes in the bottom of the funnel)
2 water source blocks for the infinite water source

Video: 20:00

Attention! If you exceed the filling level of the chest (54 water buckets), the buckets are deposited in the funnel!


  1. Attention! If you exceed the filling level of the chest (54 water buckets), the buckets are deposited in the funnel!

    is that a negative?
    Does that also go with cows ? =D

  2. It's just nerdy when you have to get the buckets out of the hopper.
    The thrower doesn't fill though, so it's not that negative.
    Cows... wait, I'll try it right now, but I don't think so.
    EDIT: Nope, that's just where the buckets get thrown out.

  3. If you replace the chest with a thrower as described above and then press the button, the water will be placed in the landscape or wherever you are and the empty bucket will remain in the dispenser.

  4. @thebigsmileXD it may be that he is still playing in a version where the launcher is still called spender and the spender dropper. And therefore it may be that he does not know that it has been renamed that wat with me also so

  5. @thebigsmileXD

    DISPENSER is still the English term for THROWER.
    DROPPER, on the other hand, are SPENDER in German.

    I never really understood the difference before, but it's fundamental!!!