Complexity: simple
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A small bakery for baking rolls and eating steaks.

Upstairs can be a long storage room.


First you build a frame of medium size (see picture).
Then you build it a little higher and separate the two floors (as you like).
Then you make the roof with many steps(normal step roof).
On the first floor you can build a baker and next to him a butcher.
The bakery can then be equipped with an oven and so that not everything burns down you can activate the game rule: "gamerule doFireTick false".


You can make the butchery with all the skulls you want.


The storage room is formed like this:



  1. There are also 4 lighthouses there that are different thanks to a light signal and nothing is done about it, so from there 😉 .
    But I am not allowed to upload a windmill that is simply much better and more appealing than the one that is available here.

  2. I Personally would find it better if of a part such as the lighthouse or other things several variants would be available... So that one sees more than always only one... 😉 LG. And in itself the bakery is a super idea

  3. You got a point there @dine
    However, in response from admin to such a suggestion comes that you could post it as a variant in the comments....
    I love the bakery, too. Only from the turned off fire hazard I do not think so. I build then just in the environment fireproof.