Construction site

Complexity: simple
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Construction site

A construction site with holes etc.

No more desire for empty, naked streets? Then build something like this!:) Who builds a city could build this in here!
Since you can't build excavators or other construction vehicles without modifications, it doesn't look soo, like a construction site.


Build a road, then dig a few holes.still barriers, plus warning lights etc.. As seen on the screenshot.


  1. If you blow it up, the crater looks more natural.
    Maybe you could combine acacia birch in the fences too...looks like the red and white flutterbans

    Nice I have immediately copied

  2. How pathetic. Construction site. No, there has never been such a thing on a server that something was still built...Man how stupid can you be.

  3. I really like the idea, gets a thumbs up! ^^

    @Blubbex: a question for you: do you even know what a spaz is? Ever heard of "polite expressions"? They get you pretty far, you unitelligent fellow!

  4. Also: spasticity is a very bad disease and I think for the people this affects it is extremely bad. So please don't act like an idiot. There are other ways to express your displeasure.

    (I know that it surely annoys you when I let the moral apostle hang out, but please. If you do not understand some words, you can ask Google, or in an emergency me via a personal message. I'm happy to help you there).