Beach Volleyball Island

Complexity: simple
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Beach Volleyball Island

A beach volleyball island with showers.


  1. I think the idea is actually good, an island with beach volleyball... But the implementation lacks imagination. I would have built a small beach hut and a few sunbeds, but only a field...:ermm:

  2. @0815julian It was more about the ideas, the building is relatively bad, I know that.
    And why are you being so rude? Why did I "deserve" anything? What did I "not realize"? More importantly, doesn't your mother teach you manners...

  3. @MBLukLuk do not you notice in the ratings that others see the same? ^^

    i learned my manners from your mum. she calls me every evening to ask me to come over and teach me some more...

  4. @MBLukLuk So I find the idea now also not bad, and I mean if the implementation does not meet the taste of the community then it is not so bad. Therefore, you do not have to make any Vorwürfe lassn (This is namely something different than suggestions on how to do it better)  

    And your next idea will definitely be better in the implementation :angel: if you want I can help you a bit.

  5. It's not about my ideas being badly received, it's about ideas being put down here and such unkind and brash people accusing you of "deserving" such things and "not being able to see it" and then being highly respected here.

  6. @MBLukLuk Yes you're right :$ but I find that on this site most responses are nice and politely formulated. (Since I've been around for a long time) And I can overlook rude reviews, because you should not go to the anyway! The main thing is that you have fun building!!! Vertry to just step up with each idea, ignore the bad comments and build yourself up on the good ones 😀

  7. Well Julian0815. In the rules to comments is :Be nice . 
    I've noticed a few times that you seem to enjoy provoking others. 
    And also like to badmouth building ideas. Unfortunately, you rarely manage to express constructive criticism.
    Your build ideas are downloaded or just replicated without even mentioning it. 
    According to the rules: You can upload almost anything you on Minecraft. If I were you, I would take a step back, Julian. Otherwise one gets the impression you have some inferiority complexes. But oh well:
    I did not make the rules but probably promptly. 

  8. @MBLukLuk   It's a shame. I'm sure you would have come up with some good ideas.  

    Vll you change your mind yet someday! 😉 (I personally would be happy!)

  9. There are people like that everywhere, unfortunately. There remains only ignore 🙂
    By the way, I think the idea is not bad. You also have to consider what possibilities there are to rebuild things in Minecraft. 

  10. all kalr. I admit, vlt I have exaggerated a little 😀 forgive me please.

    but on the subject that I dowmloade mine: höhö 😉 yes right, to shoot a cinematic and then bring the community this idea closer. But that does not say that I can not build, haha 😎

    I have my own build team with @Dekili and we sell our maps. Currently we are building a lobby with 800 blocks in diameter. Our website is currently being restructured, but will soon be available again under

    Currently here are a few impressions of the lobby to see

    but in general the website is not finished yet.


    Please excuse my behavior, dear minecraftler 😀