Complexity: simple
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A doorbell so visitors can let the resident know they are at the front door.

Ideal for ringing pranks.
Unfortunately, the bell consumes a relatively large amount of space.


Do not place the switch directly next to the door, otherwise the door will also open.
The best way is to direct the signal of the bell on the backside with redstone torches into the cellar. So that one does not see the torches one can build e.g. a stair or bookshelves in front of it. In the cellar, the ringing noise is then generated with two note blocks.
The earlier sounding block has a higher tone than the second.


  1. With me it is very quiet! Can you make it louder ? If so how ? And if you can change the tones could you help me there too and write how I have to do that ? Thanks in advance ! 🙂

  2. Maybe you can set the volume for "Music blocks" higher in the options under "Music and sounds". Otherwise you have to build the note blocks closer to it. You can change the pitch by right clicking on it. More details can be found on the Minecraft wiki: [[Note Block]]