Big castle above the clouds

Complexity: simple
<h1 class=Big castle above the clouds"/>

Big castle above the clouds

This is a big castle above the clouds but it is difficult to build and needs World-Edit Have fun


  1. With worldeddit on a server or a mod. Well you could have smoothen it would look better and more inconspicuous I like rather not missing pictures and too much WorldEddit Neutral

  2. Guys chill, he has not even built itself. This is a Minecraft Epic Build, you can google, there is exactly this image for over a year. Why you put something like that here I ask myself though.

  3. Worldedit? Doesn't belong here. Also, I'm guessing you didn't build it yourself. If so, you have also not indicated the builder, which is quite unfair if not even illegal :/ Are you but the original builder, all respect 🙂

  4. You're much better off on Planet Minecraft. In my opinion, your construction does not exactly correspond to the spirit of Minecraft building ideas.