Big sheep

Complexity: simple
<h1 class=Big sheep"/>

Big sheep

A large sheep made of wool. You can make it an apartment inside.

Ps: In the resource pack Sphax PureBDcraft the sharp looks better.


  1. SNuffer unnecessary your picture.

    People but chill times your eggs. here Lädt someone what hoch because he is of the opinion soas koennte one nachbauen a squinting sheep and of you comes Teilweise more garbage written as this sheep is bad.

    I think it's actually quite okay you can see what it should be but would not build it myself because I do not like sheep xD the sterbben in MC imme first =)

    and yes the sheep is in the background of the sandstone house.

  2. The sheep has the derp eyes!!!
    For this reason alone you get a thumbs up, but even so it looks great.

    But I'm sorry: some people here don't know how to spell "sheep". Please take another German course. Such courses are offered in many schools.