Block detector

Complexity: simple
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Block detector

Generally the simplest machine you can imagine in this category.

Here, 2 command blocks 1. checks whether there is a certain block in the vicinity and 2. outputs a message about it. In itself, it is relatively simple. A more detailed description will be available today or tomorrow (11. 07. 2016) in the Minecraft Wiki Come on!


What do I need? How is it done?
  1. Place the repeat command block and fill in the command:

    /execute @a ~ ~ detect ~5 ~5 diamond_ore
    (this checks for diamond ore in a 5x5x5 block radius, the relative coordinates and the test block can be changed!)
  2. Sat direct before that into the same pointing the way a chain command block, switch it to Conditionally and Always active and set the following command:

    /playsound entity.player.burp master DeBedenHasen ~ ~ 0.5
    (this plays the burp sound as an indication of the proximity of the test block, but any other visual or auditory message can also be output).


  1. @FelixF so, with the "execute" command you can also test for blocks in a certain radius. in this case: ~5 ~5 ~5. the tilde (~) stands for relative coordinates, so always from your position. for which block it tests, you can define freely, like here with "diamond_ore". if you don't know the name of a block, press F3+H (I'm not sure, sorry, better ask google again ;)) then you'll see the so-called id of the block, which you can then enter.
    after the "execute" command with the detect, you can insert any command, e.g. a sound. if you want to change it, just take it over and change the "entity.experience_orb.pickup" to what from this list:
    I hope that helped you etweas :),

  2. In itself a nice idea, but what do you need it for? For farming probably not, since you have to be in CreativeMode anyway :dizzy: First neutral. If you find ne good use also like a Like.
    @Karl31a Yes that went with F3 + H press simultaneously while you are not in the inventory.

  3. @Interesting-Into you can activate the command block in creative mode and then a survivalchallenge with it besttrieten, although i think that for this the command is overpowered. i would make it more difficult, eg that you have to throw a pickaxe on an iron block or the like. (you can do it however you want). but then everything would become a bit more complicated...

  4. i work with command blocks myself (build: fireworks, grabbling hoocks, showers with water drops, self building bridges, water fonts, tnt cannons with over 300 blocks rich, etc. (with command blocks)) but have never built a block dedector