Block flow tape

Complexity: simple
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Block flow tape

An assembly line that isn't much use, but looks great in a factory.

The block flow tape is much too cumbersome for bridge building but
in any case, it does, in a city, for example, in a factory, super.


First you place 2 pistons.
The first one normally and the other one around
Rotated 90 degrees:
That's what you're doing to your desired
Length on:
Behind each piston you place a
Repeater you connect to redtonestaub:
Then you connect the two ends of the
Redstone lines with a clock set to
is set to the highest delay level.
Then you activate the clock and then you can
you already place blocks on the first piston
and the assembly line pushes them to the end :)




  1. @picasso22 Yes but those who did not know it can find it here ^^ that's what the page is for. But you're right I'll try to make something more current!

  2. @Bowse0909 if one instead of the orange wool another block takes and to the still one to the front and the whole machine upright it should work