Boat Race

Complexity: simple
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Boat Race

Here is a fun game, which is also good for servers.

(The cover picture, which I wanted to upload eig. was unfortunately too large!)

First, find a river course that you think is long enough. Then you build your start line and your finish line by building two "towers" (of any height) of fences at the same height, which you then connect with black and white wool.
Underneath, you put some boats.
Now, if you want, you can add a few more obstacles to the course of the river. Be very creative...
Here's an example:

Now the race is ready to start!
Have fun


  1. You could also string a thread/tripwire across the water at the finish, and with a command block and some redstone you could even say something like "/say @p is first and has won!" to tell who took what place!
    ^^ Time that the 1.9 comes out. There boats should be finally fixed.