Bowling Alley

Complexity: simple
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Bowling Alley

The bowling alley is made of ice/packed ice and slime balls serve as balls.


Just build a track with ice. :) Slime Balls serve as balls.


  1. Good idea. Only you can run on the track and cheat so. If you throw even one ball and it stops before the goal, the others pile up on it. -> Impossible to make it.
    Otherwise a good idea, good design 😉

  2. Since I liked the idea, I rebuilt it and improved 3 things: First, I used pack ice, so that it does not melt. Then I made the detection at the end not with pressure plates but with funnels. The funnels also transport the balls back to the start into a chest. Apart from that, I put stopper wire over the first ice blocks, so that there is a signal when you cross over.

    Edit: Since a more detailed description was requested:
    - -
    The "balls" are transported to the start via a series of funnels that are all connected. At the end they are transported up with droppers. The dropper on the right is just for decoration, so that the floor under the chest looks the same.

  3. xxluke first of all thank you for the other pictures but i still have a question about them and that is at the end of your track where the funnels start is the beginning of a red tone circuit what is it for? is it meant to activate the lights as soon as a ball lands in the funnel? or does it have something to do with transport?

  4. That's a great idea. I like it very much. With all the games that are already shown here, I can soon build Las Vegas on Minecraft, with roulette, bowling, chicken shooting, ....