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A classic castle with a hall of kings.

The pictures are now unfortunately with texture pack, if it bothers too much, write it and I make new pictures.

Edited: (It is still under construction)

- In the back I have the market stalls and the gallows of  matthi94   recreated.

(links in the manual)

- The idea of the well is from Jeracraft, I just built it with different materials. The tower is modeled after Reaper911211  .
- Behind the steel door is the dungeon (by henriyxyx)

- The King's Hall
- Hall from inside

- This is the garden behind the Königshalle
- with shooting range for "amusement

In front of the castle wall I am in the process of building a city:

Example of the use of the interior of the towers for rooms of the guards
- Dormitory
- Weapons/armament depot
- conference room with tables
- Showers


- Ground plan of the towers

Market stalls:

Well Tutorials:

4 houses + the market stalls are also from Jeracraf:

Another house was built according to this model:


  1. Hi,
    how big is the castle as a whole with the wall and the wall towers ? Would like to build it. Bin a Burgen vernaticker. Have on a map just under 15 castles stand.

  2. I think the castle is a success. I admit, many ideas for the interior of the castle courtyard, is not from you, but you have the ideas of other builders cleverly used AND also linked.
    All in all, I like the Brug. Eventually, maybe it would find a place on my card too. Who knows. ^^

  3. If I had to rate this castle from 1-10 I would only give it 1/10 because:
    -it's just a stone box
    -the towers are all more or less the same 
    - no variation of materials
    - no recognisable structuring or planning
    - No real details, either in the wall or in the surroundings etc.
    - Obviously there are also some important buildings missing, at least not so recognizable which use these buildings have
    - and some rather small things that bother me like: some empty backyard, cannons didn't exist in the middle ages, the landscape wasn't adapted and ideas were taken over( but with source, I like that :) )

    I also know that the post is already a year old &you think I'll have improved ^^ but take these points a little to heart

    Try to orient yourself on real castles / buildings. Then plan everything with wool. Textures to mix e.g. the wall of stone, cobble, Mossycobble, cobble stairs, quarry stone brick, andesite, and possibly also use this gray clay to offer the eye more 😀

    The same also with the buildings from many different blocks

    Maybe a new castle will come in the future?: D

    LG Chrissel

  4. woowww like I just say
    but only so there are ma neat traps and weapons here
    i like to annoy my friends