Campenile di San Marco

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Campenile di San Marco

Campenile di San Marco Landmark of Venice

Hello Minecraft fans today I would like to present you a replica of the most famous bell tower of Venice the Campenile di San Marco or also called Markus Tower. It also has a tragic history.


The story

The beginning of the construction of the tower is between 888 and 911 and, after several interruptions, was completed under the Doge Tribuno Memmo

completed from 979 to 991.

The top floor with the still visible sound arcade made of burnt clay was added in 1178 and built by the

brothers Pietro and Giovanni Bassilio in 1329.

In 15 10 the spire was added and in 1517 a wooden statue of the Archangel Gabriel made of gilded copper sheet was added.

Construction time is about 629 years

Earthquakes and lightning strikes caused repeated damage to the tower and made restoration work necessary.

On 14 July 1902 the tower collapsed because the metal anchors had been removed in order to install an elevator. On the same day, the Venice City Council decided to rebuild the tower where and how it was.

Reconstruction began on 25 April 1903 and ended on Marcus Day, 25 April 1912.

Access to the bell tower via the big city gate

The sound arcades and above the Markus lion, the landmark of Venice


The forecourt is designed with the pattern of the Markus Platz

Entrance to the tower and behind it the clock tower

Entrance area with the stairs and water elevator, because there were unfortunately no pictures of the inside area I designed it myself.

Second floor with access to the big bell

The big bell, in the original there are several bells but unfortunately this was not possible.

The clock tower that stands directly opposite the Campenile, the gate to the city

Her still a small video

Should there be any questions about design technicalities

to show them in more detail just write to me.

So in the sense have fun while rebuilding

Hello Minecraft fans I still play on the X Box one and build everything from medieval to newfangled buildings, I also create many red stone farms and circuits.


  1. So the tower 2-3 weeks and the buildings around it with space so half a year. The hardest part is to find the right proportions and height of the tower. I had to take the top floor with the roof down again because otherwise the lower part with the stairs and elevator seemed too small. Also the relief was too small straight and had to be higher by 2 blocks so roof again down.
    LG blank