Complexity: simple
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Time a campfire without Netherstein. Ideal for a cahmpin place or park.


The idea did not come from me, but I thought I still show you.
For the construction you need: 2 buckets of water
                                       1 bucket lava 
                                       one bed
                                       4 stone fences
                                       2 Pistons (Piston)
                                       4 slime blocks
                                       1 Redstone torch
                                       multiple armor racks
                                       and several earth blocks

You can see exactly how the setup goes in the linked video.


  1. Oh come on guys, it's specifically mentioned here that this is not one of my own ideas and the original video is included as well.
    If Spark doesn't post his idea independently on this site, this bonfire would never be allowed to appear here; so what's so bad about it, it's not stolen but just "linked".

  2. @TheSheep20 @Raccoon
    I completely agree with Raccoon. He has explicitly said that the idea is not from him and even the original video. Unfortunately, Spark personally does not get the Like for the idea, but there is a Like anyway. For the fact that the idea was uploaded here, there is my Like.

  3. @Raccoon @Eru @TheSheep20
    Thank you, that someone finally says that here. Tet1996 specifically pointed out that the idea he's presenting isn't his, right? And there is little chance that Spark will ever publish it here.

  4. Hi! This looks really great!
    I have a question about it: I play on the PS3 and would like to know if this also works there? Thank you 🙂 🙂 I play on the PS3 and would like to know if it works there?

  5. Sooooo.. I tested it: Has worked! Totally cool, for the survival mode although very elaborate (Have it of course tested in creative mode) but it's really worth it! Ingenious!