Card lock

Complexity: simple
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Card lock

A lock that opens when a properly renamed item is thrown in, and is also buildable in Survival mode.

This lock is very safe, you can set the codes with paper on the anvil. With it you can control alarm systems and doors.


You rebuild the redstone circuit from the picture.Here is a picture of the redstone circuit, where unfortunately you can't see everything:
A comparator is connected to the dropper, which emits a signal when an item is in the dropper. A total of 21 items are distributed into the lower hopper on 4 of the 5 fields.
The paper in the hopper has a code on it, e.g. 1234. You can set the code on the anvil. You need the sheet with the code 2 times, one goes into the tricher and one you need yourself. yourself. The secret is: The redstone torch at the lower funnel keeps the items inside. The comparator at the funnel emits a signal, which is just not enough to deactivate the redstone flare. If you now throw the card into the hopper, the comparator emits a stronger signal, a redstone signal is triggered and the card is thrown back through the dropper, because the deactivated redstone flare now lets the card pass into the dropper. Sitting on the dropper, unfortunately not shown in the screenshot, is a comparator with an amplifier that uses a redstone line to trigger the dropper and give you back the card. You can use this lock with a flip-flop to e.g. protect the access to your house against hostile NPC's, to secure a vault, etc.


  1. "You recreate the reddit from the image....where you can't see the screenshot, unfortunately..."
    Find the bug.

    If you know Redstone it is easy to build. But to say build the picture after where you can not see everything is stupid.

  2. @matthi94: Yaaaa, no. That's a good idea and nothing against posting them here so others can see them too. If someone builds this in his survival world, is that also stolen?

  3. @matthi94 This is a coincidence I have built this lock myself. And if someone else has already built it before me then it is not stolen.
    And if you have more to bitch about, don't phrase your comments so arrogantly!!!

  4. Guys. I've seen the castle too. So what? Come on down, all of you. I am sure that some, which are not registered much easily, this idea very well find and your rumgezickerei laughable.

    So do I.

  5. Tip: To really secure the whole thing you should rename the 21 items in the dropper all with an extra code, because otherwise you just throw all the items in and can destroy the system. If the items are all renamed, this problem is solved.