Deco with end portal frame

Complexity: simple
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Deco with end portal frame

Such a frame with an end eye is great for decorating. Unfortunately only in the creative menu.

One big advantage of end portal frames is that you can put just about anything on them (flares, flower pots, switches, signs, frames, buttons, paintings...) I tried them all out and this is what came out (from right to left):
[*]Flowerpot: frame + leaves[/list] [*]Elegant torch: frame + torch[/list] [*]Impaled head: frame + fence + head[/list] [*]Small flower decoration: frame + pot + plant[/list] [*]Table: frame + pressure plate (If you don't like the design of the end portal frames, you can just put signs/frames on it)[/list] [*]Doll: frame + frame + switch + pumpkin, in front of it frame with endermen spawn as buttons[/list]. [*]Lantern: frame + quarry walls + illuminant (The wall is just as bold as the ender eye in the frame)[/list]. All end portal frames have ender eyes in them, of course.

An avid Minecrafter who doesn't shy away from redstone and command blocks or decorating ideas.