Desk chair

Complexity: simple
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Desk chair

Build a working desk chair in Vanilla.


Simply put a rail on the floor, then a lohre and as a backrest a door in this case made of Spruce Wood.


  1. I have tried it once. There is the possibility to sit in multiplayer using a plugin and in Creative using an invisible horse. Your solution is, as you pointed out, for vanilla, so also single player. Forgive me, visually it reminds me a bit of a toilet. Other than that, yeah, it works. Except if you get to W briefly, then the lore drives logically. 

    In summary: Usefulness good; optics rather less so

  2. I like your idea in principle, but as @HipsterBanane mentioned, the optk of the chair is not that nice in my opinion. I'm not sure how, but isn't there a way to create working chairs in Minecraft that look really good (apart from the invisible horses)?