Disco beacon with start/stop switch

Complexity: simple
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Disco beacon with start/stop switch

Beacon with color changing play by moving glass blocks in an endless loop.

The idea came to my 8 year old son. He wanted a disco light for Minecraft. As a beginner in Redstone and as someone who just discovered the beacons, the idea was nevertheless quickly implemented and I hope it is easy to replicate.

In the simplest form one does without the And-Gate at the bottom left. Then the endless loop is started by pressing a button without being able to end it (unless you destroy the redstone track).

The picture shows the initial position before the disco beacon is activated. 7 colored glass blocks are used, but it should be possible with any odd number of glass blocks. As another idea, you could put several such disco loops on top of each other, so that the colors mix.

A comparable idea comes from Jangar: Disco Bonfire.



The components required are:

* Redstone
* Redstone Amplifier; Delay set to maximum
* Beacon
* Iron, gold, diamond or emerald blocks to activate the beacon (minimum pyramid height is enough)
* Piston
* Button
* different coloured glass blocks (odd number)

And for the And-Gate additional:

* Redstone Torch
* Lever

The gold and quartz blocks are just for better visibility of the circuit, as is the sand background.


  1. Actually, I wouldn't unlock this since there is already the version of Jangar linked above. But since you've put so much effort into the description, I'll unlock it anyway.
    By the way, all the links in the guide to Minecraftwiki pages can be made easier (if they are necessary at all) by putting the term between double square brackets (ex: [[b][/b][Redstone]] becomes [[Redstone]]).

  2. @luke, I didn't know that about the double corner brackets, thanks.
    @Thragor your description is really good, but you would still have to polish the idea. Like anyway!

  3. I do not even get that done, bring times please help, and indeed I have it identically rebuilt but when I press the button push the glass blocks do not move on the left piston does not move, the infinite loop works (only I have to renew the redstone torch again and again??? ) can help me please who 0.0 πŸ˜‰

  4. @JoffelJoff Which redstone flare do you mean? Also, did you get the amps set up right?
    @Thragor I have to say that this is actually a bit awkward. You could just make a normal clock that then operates the pistons. And then use a piston that pushes a solid block over the beacon. Then it goes off too. That would be easier.
    But I don't want to be like that.

  5. If you want to simplify the lever and the button you can take a T-flip-flop and a self-blocking redstone cable. Then you have only one button and can press it again and again to turn it on and off. I have tried it and it works fine....