Villagers with their own offers

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Villagers with their own offers

With one command you can set your own offers for the villagers, so you don't need any additional mods.

For all those who find money programs like iConomy too heavy.
If you like to play with your friends on a server or in a lan, this kind of market is a good idea.
The respective villagers represent the merchants. You can easily choose their offers when creating. For example, I used paper as money. That means, you pay the merchant with paper. Of course, it's up to you how you want to set it up.

The whole thing is really just for multiplayer, since you have to create the villagers with command blocks. Also, it's a nice alterative to programs that let you give out normal money in Minecraft (e.g. iConomy).


The first thing you should do is build a stand, otherwise the villagers would just run away later.

You then get a command block with the command:
/give @p command_block

You have to type this in:
/summon Villager ~ ~ {Offers:{Recipes:[{buy:{id: ,Count: },sell:{id: ,Count: },maxUses:100,uses:0}]}}

According to { "buy": you have to enter the id of the item you want to pay with.

According to sell:{id: you have to enter what to get in the trade.

According to Count: comes both times the number of the respective prefixed object.

At maxUses: you can use any other number instead of 100. This number indicates how often you can trade.
Likewise, you can get uses: enter any number. It only has to be smaller than maxUses, as it indicates how often it has already been traded.

This is what it looks like in the end:
My code for that was:
/summon Villager 172 102 309 {Offers:{Recipes:[{buy:{id:paper,Count:20},sell:{id:wooden_hoe,Count:1},maxUses:100,uses:0}]}}

Here's another youtube video that explains it very well:


  1. @ellen_tha potato To create multiple agebots you just need to look for this part:


    insert a comma and write it again (of course with changed offers)

  2. super helped mega i always wondered how this was done in adventure maps and since i have a tarp myself but don't do so well with commands this was very helpful.