Simple automatic pumpkin / melon farm

Complexity: simple
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Simple automatic pumpkin / melon farm

Melon and pumpkin farm that fully automatically detects growth and then harvests.

This completely automated farm does not need any external intervention, i.e. it harvests itself without flipping a switch and remains thereafter until the next growing of a pumpkin or melon.
Everything is collected by a box, which is supplied by a hopper at the end of a water flow.
As soon as the plant grows, the Redstone mechanism closes and releases the cobs.

(no repost statements please ... similar ideas have been around but not so "simple").


The construction is very simple and can be seen in this picture:

1x Piston
1x Sticky-Piston
1x Redstone-torch
5x Redstone

(1x funnel + 1x box)


  1. @ braincrab
    there's one ... you just can't see it in the picture because there's water on it and yes you're right ... this one is much cheaper and above all much easier to build.

  2. cool... but could you also explain how it works? so..i'm one of those who, before he builds something, also wants to understand how it works. so i hope you know how i mean that... but: LIKE

  3. yes, I can explain,
    by the fact that the melon or pumpkin block grows there, the red tone circuit closes and is "activated".
    this causes the upper cylinder to move forward, which in turn moves a block forward, activating the red tone circuit for the lower cylinder.
    because this now goes forward and destroys the melon or pumpkin block, the entire red tone circuit is incomplete again and all cylinders move back to their starting position ...

  4. with me the melons and the pumpkins remain on the harvested field and do not fall into the water. the fact that i have built the plant mirror-inverted should not play a role, where is the error then?