Electric garage door

Complexity: simple
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Electric garage door

A Redstone-powered garage door.




  1. In principle, it is unfortunately almost the same as the normal other piston doors that are already here on the site. But with those you probably rather not come to the fact that you can also use it as a garage door.

  2. Luke I came druff several times and have not uploaded it because mostly the simple JEB principle is from the textbook =)

    but the idea is good.

    use soas änliches only much more pistons redstone and grips needed to build it as a "lock" for a Death Star when I finish the iwan times I upload the xD

  3. Aside from the fact that it's much more space efficient to only open the garage door up and down, I think it's a little too low at 2 high.
    And yet, it's just a piston-door rotated 90 degrees.

  4. It's a nice idea. However, many people who have already wanted to build a garage will have come up with it.
    The garage is there, the gearshift too. But at least you got it together.
    In addition, probably a little too high for normal garages (about 4.5 meters). For driveways of underground garages, or similar but well suited.

    Therefore, a neutral rating from me.