Emergency exit

Complexity: simple
<h1 class=Emergency exit"/>

Emergency exit

An emergency exit sign for a structure.

To obtain such a sign comes into the
1st line: _O
2.line /blank/\_
3.line _/\emptyempty
4.line /


  1. What a bummer, I wanted to upload almost the same! (I have not done so far in case that no one else has uploaded something in one day).
    Anyway, here's my version, but one that focuses on the exit itself rather than the sign:
    The surrounding walls are green, so that you almost want to walk there by yourself 😉

  2. @ Karl31
    Yes, usually described signs are not so special building ideas. However, I must admit that I would not have come up with THIS idea by myself.


  3. That sign is so old. It's sad that you pretend to be the inventor here - at least that's what everyone thinks. I would be really embarrassed to put this actually yes very well known here.

  4. Where does it say I made it up? It's a forum where you can post decorations and ideas (any ideas) to share with the community. It was apparently new to some.

  5. Some have asked YOU how YOU came up with it. (I say nothing against those who have asked this. You can not help it) But Dekili, why have you not answered the questions?