Equipment of a Great Warrior

Complexity: simple
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Equipment of a Great Warrior

This showcase can be placed in a small village to show that there was once a great warrior who protected the village from the monsters.

...or you just take it as your own place for your equipment (you don't always wear it or so you might reconsider). On the left and right you can see beacon beams which can be colored in the 1.8 version depending on what kind of glass block was placed over it.
- Here again from closer and without glass.
- Crafting recipe from the armor stand
- To make an armor stand with arms you need the command: /summon ArmorStand ~ ~ {ShowArms:1} With arms you can also hold a sword or bow.


Floor depending on the choice lay out armor stand in the middle wall behind it and the rest you can see so quickly. Everything is easily accessible in survival the beacon does not have to be^^. Hope you like it :D


  1. I can't figure out the cheat /summon ArmorStand ~ ~ {ShowArms:1}
    Always comes a message that says: Cannot parse NBT data: Invalid tag encountered, expectet { as first char. Can anyone help me?