Family House

Complexity: simple
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Family House

It is a small family house that can serve as a decoration in a village.


- Here is the entrance hall with a dog corner and a dining table.        - Here you can see on the picture that there is a small living room with an armchair made of three quartz steps and six blue wool blocks.   -  This is the kitchen where you can get drinks and cook food, and the good thing is that there are no walls to the left and right so you can just pass things over to the dining table and the living room.   - Here is the staircase that leads to the first floor to the rooms, it is made of quartz stairs.     -     The first floor with the children's room and with the parents' room.                -    This is the children's room with a wardrobe and a loft bed for two children.      -  And finally the parents room with a double bed and also with a wardrobe. In both rooms I have carpets and an armor rack for the closet.


  1. I think designs are important. It has to look good from the outside. I never rate negatively, but it's not pretty. Looks like a normal Veyon block in the real world

  2. The interior is awesome, just for the walls (outside) you need to look at something here, like window sills, or decorative walls. It looks like a big block. The windows are way too far into the wall, you need to change that. My suggestion would be; replace the outer block above the window with a downward facing staircase, as well as the one below. Then you would have saved yourself from having to replace the whole outer layer of the house.