Fire alarm

Complexity: simple
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Fire alarm

A button behind a pane of glass. Pressing the button opens a hatch in the ceiling from which water runs, the Redstone torch flashes and you hear an alarm sound.


Try to recreate the redstone circuit from the picture.

On the top left of the screen is a memory cell to store whether the alarm is currently active or not. At the top right is a pulse generator which triggers the alarm redstone flare and the note block.
To reset the alarm, simply reset the memory cell, e.g. by means of a button, and replace the glass pane.


  1. To reset this you have to press a button, which is attached to the single block on the left in the second screenshot. This resets the memory cell.

  2. Is great must say in my current project I have also installed such a fire alarm system. Only I did it a little differently with a command block system. So it is more economical space and thus you can install almost anywhere a system. But thanks xxluke for the idea.

  3. That's a great idea. Could have used it when I was experimenting with a fireplace in the log cabin yesterday. It caught fire three times until I started experimenting on wood to fire spacing first. If there's nothing on this yet, I might post it here again because it's a common question on the net.

  4. Well Gera de space-saving is not. The once to build goes yes Still but just in a yoke house on each floor. That needs space... But good idea, in practice difficult to not satisfactorily implementable.