Fishing hut by the sea

Complexity: simple
<h1 class=Fishing hut by the sea"/>

Fishing hut by the sea

Simple fishing hut for survival mode.


Should get everyone who has some creativity ;)


  1. Unfortunately, not really...
    There's a lot of detail missing. Right now, all I see is a rudimentarily designed building on the waterfront. That could just as well be a boathouse.

  2. @Cambodia Well you must think that it is for the survival I do not know if there is so much deco possible eg spider webs that you can but think not crafte

  3. Aside from the spider webs, just about anything is possible. I play minecraft exclusively in survival and brazenly claim that you can make it nicer. 

  4. Apart from the fact that it is easily the third fishing hut and does not really offer any added value. Spider webs you can also mine in survival from the mine shafts. Is therefore no excuse. What should be so "great" about this idea WarriorCats must explain. It's just a shack and a dock. That would not even recognize as a fishing lodge if it would not stand on it.

  5. @picasso22 1.leave me alone 
                           2.I have to explain NIX to YOU
                           3.what is "great " about this idea you must be able to think. 

  6. @picasso22 that's not what I meant by saying your ideas are no better
    and mine just as little because I have uploaded only 1 but if you already badly rated and still write a kommi must have something better to show or 🙂
    is by no means evil meant ;D