Flashing disco ceiling lighting

Complexity: simple
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Flashing disco ceiling lighting

Here is an alternative light that moves around for your disco.

The basis is a ceiling made of Redstone lamps. On top now come 
Track systems with one lorry each. The more track systems on the Redstone-
lamps are the more "confused" will be the movement of the light, especially if 
all the tracks are of different lengths.


The track systems are equipped with detectors which then activate the lamps 
activate. so that the whole still more effect has one must with Redstone-
amplifiers to slow down the signal and best to divide it into different 
Forward directions. 

The whole thing is started and stopped simply by a lever, therefore it is important to 
that the "starter" acceleration rails point downhill, stop here, and 
the lorries then start again from the beginning.

Also important (at least with PE, other versions I don't know how to react): Before ending the game turn off the light when the chunk is loaded, otherwise it can happen that when you start the game again, one or more carriages no longer move and can not be started by lever!

Who can not get the whole thing so happy to report then I'm happy to help further 😉


  1. Does anyone know similar Minecraft sites where you can upload your ideas? Here is almost every crap without instructions and everything unlocked, neatly designed instructions jnd something but not, because I have no desire to make me always the work....