Flat screen

Complexity: simple
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Flat screen

A detailed screen.


The screen consists of signs, which cannot be written on and can be set freely. You can get them with /give @p 68. On them you can see, from left to right: frame with glass pane (for switched off screen), 1x1 picture (for switched on PC) and frame with shifted block (/give @p 36)(for standby). As a keyboard just a pressure plate and as a mouse a switch. Now I have taken a rail with Lore as a chair, you could vll. barriers (/give @p barriers) build around it, so that the Lore does not slip. To make the cheating complete, I also built the desk out of mushroom blocks (/give @p 99).
ATTENTION: The signs are dropped as you walk through.
An avid Minecrafter who doesn't shy away from redstone and command blocks or decorating ideas.


  1. Why is that please only in the Creativ feasible? nen few sticks and cowhide you can get in Survi also. The map etc. you also get in Survi mode. the Lore and everything else I see also actually especially since you do not have to use this. the "seat" I do not like at all because that looks my taste not really like ne nSitz. The TV is nen Bissl small there I would rather make one with paintings^^ the idea is good the implementation solala. and for what on and off switchable? Runs no simpson in Minecraft ^^

    had to remove the first set kb. have only nachinein seen that you have made the "on / off" switchable