Flip-flop switch

Complexity: simple
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Flip-flop switch

This version of the flip-flop switch is very simple and therefore best suited for the beginner.

The flip-flop switch is easy to build and therefore also suitable for beginners.
It has many applications:

-combination locks
-Paternoster Elevators
-door opener
-light switch

...and much more.

The flip-flop switch is just like a lever. However, it can do something that levers cannot.
You can control it several times, but not with levers. So you can only have one light switch per room if you build it with levers. With switches you have an infinite number...
Some circuits would not be possible at all without the flip-flop switch.


The flip-flop switch is simple to build.

Simply place two pistons two blocks apart, facing each other.
Now dig a block deep between the pistons and put a redstone flare there. This will give the output signal. One of the pistons now gets a block. Then the space between the pistons is sealed as shown in the picture and a Redstone wire is placed on top of it, then two more Redstone flares are placed over the piston and the flip-flop switch is ready.
So? Wasn't even hard, was it?

The above line is the input line, there you can now connect all your switches which should control the flip-flop switch. When the block is pushed over the redstone torch, the block receives a signal and passes it on to the redstone next to it. If you now press the button, the block is pushed to the side and the signal remains off.


  1. @Karl31a: This is not a flip-flop switch, but a memory cell. The difference is that you can switch the signal on with the left switch and off with the other one. You need that for some circuits. But the flip-flop uses only one line, so it has a different function than the memory cell.

  2. @SirTurtle: Since you are but mighty wrong. I know many who play Minecraft for a year and have no idea what you need it for, let alone can build something like that. Besides, this is supposed to be for beginners.

  3. @SirTurtle I know enough people who know Minecraft for a few years, but do not even know how to build a flip-flop switch. I knew it already, although I play Minecraft seiit only about 1 year, but some of my friends who recommended me Minecraft do not know what a flip-flop is, there are certainly on this site also some people who do not know either. Besides, it's not illegal to post something as simple as that.

  4. @RedstoneKing500 Yes you're right... Only with my circle of friends it's different... Gives yet a Like because of bad conscience 🙂

    @Luckyluke I just wanted to leave a tip. I'm sorry again he can not be to blame since that is not on it.

  5. @SchnitzelSalat: But that doesn't mean you have to give it a Dislike. Just because you already know it. You should finally evaluate the device itself and not whether you still know that.
    @thebigsmileXD: It may be that you can use dispensers and hoppers, but for this build it's very good.

  6. So that people complain here because there is a similar switch already, or grumble at the construction and then give a Dislike is an impertinence. This flip-flop is in HIS class probably the smallest and most practical, moreover, it says above also suitable for BEGINNERS, who can read is clearly at an advantage. Then people complain here that you use pistons. Dispensers and funnels are simply too cumbersome and unnecessary, they make just as much noise as flasks do too, so where's the advantage? The fact that they only work with flares is also not correct, as redstone is also needed to connect and operate. The device itself should be evaluated and not if there is already one or if there is a better one. It's just an insolence what some here allow themselves. Well? If I put a paternoster elevator here, everybody knows it? There are then also Dislikes. Some people rate anything here, but not the building and that bores me. Such comments under my buildings are unwanted. That no one uses pistons for flip-flops anymore is also simply wrong, this version is probably the most common.

  7. @RedstoneKing500 I'm sorry for starting this shit. I have a total guilty conscience... I gave you a Like now not because of the guilty conscience I have evaluated the idea. May be many know it but what counts is the idea. Sorry again 🙁