Flying ducks

Complexity: mid
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Flying ducks

A group of ducks/swans on their way south.

A group of ducks on their way south.
This group of ducks is quite simple to build. The only blocks needed are:

- Wool (I recommend white)
- Carpets (I recommend white)
- A chicken head (as far as I know only available on a server with a suitable plugin, unless there is a command for it :D)
- An invisible block (only obtainable with /give command)

Greetings StixiLP


1. set a block of wool (I recommend white) at any height.
2. a BARRIER block to the left and right of it.
Now place a carpet (I recommend white) on each of the BARRIER blocks.
4. now just put the chicken head on only ONE side of the wool and you're done!


  1. I would put a wooden fence gate at the back which is open. You have to make a block under the gate so that you can put it, but the block can be removed afterwards.