Forest tower with bunker

Complexity: simple
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Forest tower with bunker

A tower in the forest with an additional underground bunker.


You find a forest or any other place you like and start building!
I have a banner with 3 colors colored and in addition three materials in the colors herraus searched.
Fractured rock: Fractured rock, Fractured rock step, Fractured rock step (Banner color: Light gray)
Acacia wood: Acacia wood boards, Acacia wood stairs, Acacia wood step, Acacia wood fence (Banner color: Orange)
Acacia wood trunk: Acacia wood trunk (Banner color: Dark gray)

You build floor upon floor until you think it's enough.
Be creative with the furnishings! (You can look here)

And not up in the sky but also down on the ground can
you build. An extra bunker:

And here are some more pictures:


  1. Nothing program. Ubuntu is an OPERATING SYSTEM like Windows or OSX.
    But it's built cool! (You can turn off the guide, but then it's only there when you move the mouse there).

  2. I find that a great idea though not as a watchtower but as a viewing platform and beautifully built. Beautiful in the forest nice and high for a good view and the bunker a great idea.:)