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A cemetery with different types of graves and lots of decoration.

The graves are all provided with Podsol ^^ on which maybe a few flowers can find space and also withered flowers... where the dead bush how I find looks good 😉

There's lattice around the cemetery. I think it looks better than a wooden fence. And fits to a cemetery ^^
The entrance is with 2 iron doors and grids above. On the floor in front of the door on both sides are stone slabs so that the doors open. 🙂
This is the first part of my graveyard... here lie families or *big people*...
The graves are placed in the direction of the sun. Behind them the sun will set.


The cross: Next to the cemetery is a cross lying on the ground. The cross lies on stone bricks and at the edge are brick steps.

Compost: The compost heap consists of podsol (dead bushes can't be placed on normal grass blocks) on which scattered dead bushes are placed... that makes it look like (also at the grave) withered flowers. ;)

Grave: Small grave of potsol and flowers and dead bush. The tombstone (depending on your imagination, you can build the graves differently) is three blocks long, for example, and has stairs on the sides.

Grave2: Large grave with steps on the sides of the cracked stone brick and on top.



  1. Graves all right.
    I would use walls as a border, as it is done in reality. Iron doors with a lattice border really doesn't look good.

    And make sure that your sentences in the description are formed at least approximately according to the rules of the German language.
    "The entrance is with 2 iron doors and bars over the top." So really 😉

  2. I find the idea really cool, they will immediately rebuild XD The tombstones from the stairs I find the most beautiful. But quarry stone walls or simply from stones a wall, I would find nicer.

  3. @DieZweisamenZwei In our village the cemetery is next to the church and enclosed in the church wall. But in the neighbouring village it is partly enclosed with fence and partly with hedge. So I find that already okay that it was made with iron fences 😉