Fully automatic farm

Complexity: simple
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Fully automatic farm

One to 100% automatic farm for grain, potatoes or carrots, based on a villager farmer.

This to 100% Automatic Farm does not require manual replanting or harvesting of the grain, potatoes or carrots!
In addition, it is very inexpensive and good to build in survival after.


The first thing you need is a base area, which you build out with a mincart loop track.
For unloading you now need a place where The Hopper-Minecart drives over 1-2 Hoppe to unload there.
These should then be connected to a box where all the crops end up.
Directly above the Minecart track a crop area should now be built, which fulfils all growth requirements (water/light)
For automatic harvesting you now need a, let's call him "helper".
It is important to note that this is the Villager class "farmer".
You have to fill his inventory with 8 stacks of grain seeds, so that he can harvest the grown grain, but not add it to his own inventory. (Simply drop the 8 stacks in front of him).
Once the crop has grown, the Villager will harvest it on its own once it has grown, thanks to the feature added in 1.8.

Important in building this farm, however, is that there are NO natural village nearby, otherwise the villagers only look in the direction of the village and do not do their work!

PS: The pictures in the description are with texturepack ... you should still be able to recognize everything without problems


  1. that's what that trick is for,
    you give him 8 stacks of seeds beforehand so that his Inevtar is full (so he can't pick up wheat)
    but he can collect the seeds of the harvested plants, because as soon as his inventory is not filled to 8×64, he has room for new seeds...
    or short, believe me, it works 😀

  2. How are the booster rails energized? Tried it with Redstone lamps. There's just enough signal for one track. With Glowstone, nothing works.

    Solution: the redstone tiles belong two floors below. Found the problem myself.

  3. Hello, Snuffer,
    I have everything so gabaut as in the instructions and have also all inerhalb of 1000 blocks searched for villages but it goes with potatoes just not ... I gave them eight potatoes I also have only an area of 10×10 blocks so that it is not too big I just tried everything but he only sows and harvest I have to myself. 🙁

  4. the villager is not supposed to collect, you have to collect yourself or you have to build an automated track with hopper under the field, which collects the fruits ...

  5. unfortunately only works with cereals (and now also with beetroot), not with potatoes / carrots, as there is no distinction between seed and crop and the villager mechanics does not allow for planting when the inventory is full.

  6. yes, that may be true ... is also a few days ago that I have built it (1.7 I think?)
    However, the principle is now quite familiar and should therefore be easy to find on the Internet...

  7. How do I get with PE and Xbox360 a Villager there? Command line gibts not there.
    And how do I see if the Villager is "full"? You can not see on the Xbox and PE or?

  8. I've sat down now again to the problem and found a solution for consoles (XBox360 development) which probably also goes with PE and also for carrots and potatoes. Since my PE on the mobile degree rumspakkt I can not make pictures but explain it to you briefly as it works well for me now for weeks (construction manual with pictures will come soon when my PE again properly funtzt):
    i just dug a 2 block wide and one block deep channel (length doesn't matter, i have 12 blocks). Left and right of it now come each 7 blocks of earth on the entire length. Around the whole must now still water on high the earth, the middle channel not directly flood but only directly from the edge, so everything flows evenly into the KanalMitte. look where the water in the channel meets and stelle note or mark. Seal the channel that only at the outer edge of the water is and where the water has met each left and right of the middle funnels that meet below on chests set, of course so that the funnel can suck the things out of the channel, so previously dig a block where the funnels come! From the bottom of the channel now 2 empty blocks and above it everywhere at the channel fences over it so that the farmers later can not fall into the channel and also not "escape". Clear the channel again so that water flows from the outside to the middle.

    Outside now put a wall etc at least 3 height from the field and a flat roof, leaving two rows free on the sides left and right of the channel on the very outside of the wall that are needed for harvesting. In this gap cobs come and over it a watermark over the entire length, the cobs hold thereby extended the water back, if they retract the water goes down, harvests everything and flushes it to the channel. How to keep pistons open should know yes everyone 😉
    Now "catch" 2 farmers and bring one each to the field and rake the earth there briefly. Give the farmer some seeds or other planting material and you're done. The farmer will now plant, you can never determine exactly what (because you can not see and influence his slots), but he works.

    Through a daylight sensor timer, the water is now automatically activated every 5 days for about 18 seconds to harvest everything, while also remain again and again drops at the farmer and also he harvests a little for himself so that he always replanting.

    If you build it on the PC, you should be able to farm potatoes and carrots there, works great for me anyway (have the whole times two and thus 4 fields and 4 workers, one above the other).

    Villager you have to breed a bit until you have farmers and can take them.
    And of course do not forget to illuminate everything well so that it also grows at night and no monsters come 😉

    LG, Dirk

    PS: Have the whole even in the middle of the village, are often around the farmers but the yield is still very good for that you have to work only once for it 😉

  9. Okay I have the track now in 1.11 also times rebuilt and must say that actually works perfectly =) This is the first time that I work with rails and villagers and it was actually really easy. In the description is missing only actually the specification that under the booster rails each a Redstone torch belongs. that I had then found in the comments =) However, you should do without more than 2 lorries because they seem to get in the way very quickly. Had only 10, where several are simply on the track at some point until nothing went. Then 4, but was also too much. 2 are enough perfectly!

  10. From 1.14 you can protect some of the crops with oak trapdoors. This way the Villagers don't take the crops for themselves. The Villager stacks no longer work. There must be a portion of the farm left for the Villagers to generate new seeds. By protecting the trap doors, the Lore collects seeds and crops. There also needs to be a composter put down and one bed per farmer as given. I put my farm completely under glass. So I am not attacked by the phantom birds at night or in the rain if I am ever on the farm.

  11. The farmers replant under the closed trap doors after the harvest. Ideally you have 2 farmers on the farm. They like to gossip a bit more, lol.