Fully Automatic Chicken Farm 1.7

Complexity: simple
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Fully Automatic Chicken Farm 1.7

A small, fully automated chicken farm. 1.7

Unfortunately you can't spawn mobs/monsters on the server anymore, so there are no pets in there anywhere. 1.7


For 1.7
The upper thrower with water bucket
The egg-throwing circuit

On the main picture you can still see the button for the upper launcher.
The idea comes from Mumbo Jumbo, he got it from Xisumavoid and the from someone else ;D
I just had the idea to add water to the thrower at the top to make it easier for the chickens to breed/feed, so that the chickens swim up and hop.
However, sometimes the funnel doesn't work on servers and the feathers+meat burn in the lava or lie somewhere.
The chickens lay eggs on top, which go into the hopper, which leads into a thrower.
The comparator looks to see if there are any eggs in the launcher and has the launcher shoot them out against the step.
Baby chickens are about half a block high, which is why they don't burn in the lava. (They always spawn on the level).
However, when they grow out, they burn in the lava and the funnel sucks the feathers+roasted chicken into the chest. The chest can be opened because there is an unsolid block above it (glass, sea lanterns or glowstone, must have a stone block shape).

I have a little fix for 2 things:
1st: Meat glicht out
Solution: make a 3 width wall of glass on the side where it exits.
2: I want to collect eggs
Solution: Place a lever on the block at the back under the comparator or run a redstone line on the left side of the floor up to the block and make a lever on the left front of the block next to the chest.

If it's not completely clear, watch my video on it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umXOrH386YY# (20:00) or just ask me.


  1. @Sortrebila - Before you make fun of, mock, or badmouth other people's ideas, think about your OWN submissions; you have -21 rating points on your truly MISERALBEST idea.

    @thebigsmileXD - Awesome thing, I just say. I would build it immediately, if not since 2 weeks my Minecraft spacken would XD!


    Design 4/5
    Compactness 4/5
    Possible use 5/5
    = 13/15 points
    = Grade 1


    P.S. I did screens of all my builds once; the ones from my chicken farm:
    -Crates and funnels for killing and spawning
    -Left: Spawning; Right: Egg throwing
    -Clock for the egg thrower

    P.P.S.: The pictures are from 6 weeks ago, so sid the pictures already very old, there has changed something; but as I said: My Minecraft spackt! XD