Fully automatic door

Complexity: simple
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Fully automatic door

A door that opens by itself as soon as you approach it.

The command blocks check if a player is nearby and depending on that then give a signal to the pistons. However, you can only cross the door from one side, so you have to complete the system on the back side. Furthermore, it is of course recommended to hide the redstone so that you can't see anything. The Piston-Clock can of course be replaced by a normal one, here it is only installed to deactivate the clock in case of laggs.


The screenshot shows almost everything you need to know. The command blocks say the following:

testfor @p[r=3]

Since you may not be able to see the repeater settings clearly on the large screenshot, here is a small screenshot for a better overview:


The Piston Clock is constructed like this:


If I forgot to explain something, or if there are any questions regarding the Redstone, write it in the comments, I will answer within 2 days at the latest.


  1. In the future (1.8), you could also just do /fill x y z x2 y2 z2 block.
    Or since 1.7 use /setblock x y z block, but needs 4 command blocks to set and 4 to remove.

  2. Well, I had to deal with the testfor command because of the construction of the trampoline, and there I thought about which mechanisms could be fully automated with it.

  3. Does the Piston Clock work properly? If so, look at the spaces etc. times exactly and copy the command times with Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V

  4. Check that you haven't swapped or set up the comparators and amplifiers correctly. And if you built this on a server, it could also be that the command blocks are not activated. Also check the command blocks again for the correct commands, maybe you made a typo.
    Otherwise, build it again, there can be a lot of mistakes here.

  5. very good then did it with besizerkennung and with 8 komando blocks 4 destroy it 4 then build it up even if someone destroys the blocks it regenerates again or if it is oven and someone lays it is replaced by air again.

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