Fully automatic watermelon farm with BUD-Switch

Complexity: simple
<h1 class=Fully automatic watermelon farm with BUD-Switch"/>

Fully automatic watermelon farm with BUD-Switch

A melon farm with a BUD switch that harvests the melon as soon as it has grown.

Through a BUD Switch the melon is harvested as soon as it grows by a Piston, the funnels transport the melon into a box.
The advantage here is that you really do not have to do anything by hand.

Another model is found here.


  1. I have also rebuilt it once and it works. Since you can not see the back side in the picture above, I had to try it myself and have now built it so:

  2. Buffy89 this is but, unlike others, fully automatic. The Baut one and must worry about nothing more. But nice that you first went through my ideas to look for what negative shortly after my comment 😉

  3. Buffy89 do you really want to start talking about "beautiful"? Then first build your ideas beautifully before you start to criticize pointlessly because you are miffed.

  4. The idea is cool in itself only the implementation is much too expensive and complex just take 2 observer and 2 pistons then have the same result but is on max 3x3x3 blocks to realize.