Functional large bed

Complexity: simple
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Functional large bed

Another variant of a large bed. But this one is also functional.

A right click is all it takes to really sleep in this bed.


On this picture you can see quite well the construction:
First you need an area of 2x3 blocks. On the longer one you put best blue blocks (blue wool or lapis lazuli blocks) and on it either carpet or snow.
The remaining area dig two blocks deep and line with blocks, also blue. Now put on the floor two real beds and on the layer above them ladders.
Now just put water on the ladders.
Last but not least, you only have to cover the bed with steps, so that on the one hand you do not see anything of the lining of the pit, and on the other hand that the water does not flow out.
An avid Minecrafter who doesn't shy away from redstone and command blocks or decorating ideas.


  1. All well and good, but: The water thing is a bit confusing for beginners. One stands up (in survival/survival), and suddenly: AAAAH, I lose air!!! (That's how a beginner might think.) That could therefore even be a T.O.D.E.S.F.A.L.L.E for "complete beginners".
    (I mean no offense, it's just that you know and warn your friend who is a beginner, for example).