Funnel Pipe

Complexity: simple
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Funnel Pipe

This underground pipe of funnels transports items from one building to the next, for example.

In the end it looks like this from above:
The glass is only for orientation, so that you know how the funnel pipe runs.
The point of it is that you don't have to carry items that are in your inventory, you can easily and quickly transport them with the funnel pipe 🙂 .

Due to the many funnels needed, the idea is unfortunately not very well suited for survival mode.


It is simple to build: First, dig a line about 2 blocks deep, then connect it with hoppers, then put a chest at the end.

TIP: When you connect the funnels, hold down the shift key!


  1. very nice, have ne time long TEKIT played and have the tubes always missed in normal ... super idea!

    can someone tell me how and if you can also transport items upwards, e.g. with droppers or something?

    habs even tried ... works with wonderful even without dropper ... but also with 😀
    have n times built something unnecessary ... items are fully automatically delivered from the bottom up and back ...

  2. I have a question 😀 I wanted to build something like that... and indeed I have built a shop on our server (without shop addons) and indeed throw me the people things in a chest but must be accessible for it yes therefore I wanted to build something similar and indeed behind the chest comes n funnel then a dropper that throws the item into a subterranean water flow until then all good only I do not get it backen the item then from the water flow to transport back up into my storeroom ... so could just anyone to the box where customers throw my "payment" pure can help me there someone? 😀

  3. Have that with me on the server also 🙂 but rausgwfunden by chance that goes. But what's stupid is that it always goes only one chunk far when mna what reinschmwisst and goes away he drops not further only when you're near :/