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So you could recreate the death penalty from the Middle Ages. it is not planned that the fence gates are open!

If you've done something wrong, like my friend did here, you have to pay dearly:


  1. You can also use an anvil to carry out an execution in Minecraft. To do this, you simply drop it from a height onto the condemned person. The gallows variant is unfortunately only decorative.

    • Du kannst aber den Barrier Block durch einen Kaktus ersetzen und die 2 dunklen Zäune abreißen. Wenn du am Zaun oben zum Beispiel ein Huhn mit einer Leine befestigen. Wenn du die Falltür öffnest stirbt das Huhn. Du solltest aber rundherum noch Slabs bauen. Das gleiche kannst du auch bei Spielern machen.

  2. yes that's true unfortunately... but in creative mode you can hover against the fence from below and close the gate and open the trapdoor. I yes also made a picture of it

  3. Too violent so I mean what's wrong with you? >:( So how can you only build such a pointless so I say there only unnecessarily pointless Zu Gewaltätig and unimaginative.hast ihr alle ne Verkokste childhood or how? D: Then I send the same ma the youth welfare office to you 😛

  4. Yes I know PvP is funny but Minecraft is for building and living out ideas ... and if this is supposed to be an idea I can only think : Psychopath ._. ö.ö so please stop such pointless things to build ... I know it's lw just to traipse through the world and put some blocks but if you want to slaughter someone then try the games: Battlefield (Best part: Bad Company 2 😀 ) ,Gta , CoD (is shit but well xD) or Halo or look on Yt after ... Lg Black 😛