Bright decorative candle

Complexity: simple
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Bright decorative candle

Bright decorative candle


Step one:

First you remove the ground at the place where the candle should stand later. There you stack 5 snow steps on top of each other.

Step two:

Now place an armor stand on the snow steps. You should make sure that the armor stand is as straight as possible.

Step Three:

Now you put your chosen candle head on the armor stand. You can find heads like this for example on:

Step four:

Now place a block above the armor stand which belongs to the shelf. Then place a plunger (not a sticky block) directly above the block and use the plunger to push the block down until the candle is visible.

Step Five:

As soon as the candle has come to light you can remove the plunger again. Now aim at the block on which the candle is standing and place a torch on the block. Then the torch disappears into the head and the candle glows.

Yoo-hoo, everybody, my name is Lütti and I am 28 years old. Decorating is absolutely my main area in Minecraft and I hope to share to share a few things with you soon.