Hidden enchantment table

Complexity: simple
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Hidden enchantment table

Enchantment tables are very valuable, so you need to hide them well. To do this, you can take advantage of the fact that enchantment tables from below have the same texture as obsidian.

If you have a lava lake made into obsidian and dig under it (for whatever reason), you can make it a great hiding place.


A magic table has the same texture as obsidian from below, so you can put it in a blanket of obsidian without seeing it, moreover you can make books on the obsidian all around, so you can enchant to maximum. Furthermore there is a hidden crate made of a minecart with a crate that is pushed into a wall with a piston. In this hidden crate you can hide the necessary lapis to enchant. I put a crate in front of it as a distraction because the minecart was peeking out of the wall.
Here's another picture from below (the enchantment table is second from the back and from the right):
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  1. Can one unfortunately again not so really often use. I have at least never hollowed out a lava lake under the obsidian. Besides, you can still easily discover that when you hit the cave from above the obsidian layer.

  2. Why would you put a magic table in a cave? An obsidian blanket also fits in a house. Then you would have gotten a +, but that sucks. Apart from that the books don't reach the table because there are blocks between the table and the books.

  3. You could just move the magic table up a block, that way it's well hidden and you wouldn't need the obsidian ceiling.
    Btw the bookshelves have to be at the same height as the Zeubertisch, otherwise they have no effect.

  4. Hiding the magic table is a good idea in itself.
    However, you can't move the obsidian, unfortunately, and the bookshelves have to be on the same level as the magic table, after all.
    And on top of that..:
    "Blocks that cannot be moved by a piston:
    -Magic Tables"