Hiding place

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Hiding place

This is a hiding place on the roof of a house.


    1. How do you get up there?
    2. Hiding from what? From Monsters obviously not, since they can spawn there (thanks to the lack of light sources) and spiders (if they now suddenly feel the tremendous need to do so) can simply run up the wall of the house. And with others Players there should be an ingenious circuit for the entrance, which is not quickly discovered, but can be built into a house unnoticed and space-saving, but this brings me back to 1. brings.
    3. Also, a simple magic table without bookshelves doesn't have an enormous amount of use, so it doesn't really need to be in a secret stash, in my opinion.
  1. I join the previous speakers.
    and what are the 3 stairs in the foreground supposed to represent?
    And why don't you just put a roof on it? Of course inside with lighting :angel:, otherwise you have a monster trap in there

  2. then you could have put the workbench / oven inside like the chests. the 3 stairs do not look very pretty
    then already rather around the whole house - that would have rather what

  3. Thanks @Mis7erSeven. @TheTwoTwo , @Raccoon and @Warriorcats, I built a ladder up from the inside which you can't see in the picture. I know you could/should build more to it like torches, but as mentioned in the description, it's just a possibility. And by hiding I mean that you can hide from other players, for example, when playing with multiple players.