High Council

Complexity: simple
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High Council

For Minecraft worlds that have sworn off monarchy.

This audience hall is for anyone who has had enough of being eternally loyal to just one ruler and prefers to entrust themselves to the expert opinion of several.

It consists of a lot of dark (black oak) wood, stone tiles, red carpet and bookshelves. The High Council is guarded by 6 warriors with swords and in iron armor and of course some banners may not felhlen.

To the left and right of the hall, an upstairs gallery leads to the back of the 3 chairs. In the niches lined with red wool are a few iron armor for decoration.

There is a pool of water between the platform from which to speak to the High Council to ensure its protection. The chairs are oak steps, signs, oak doors and banners on the doors.

The Hall as seen by the High Council.

If you have any questions, post them in the comments!


  1. I have a small suggestion for improvement:

    I would replace a few stone tiles with cracked stone tiles, would then fit more to the Middle Ages. At the water would mossy stone tiles, in irregular intervals fit quite well.

  2. /summon ArmorStand ~ ~ {Rotation:[90f,0f], ShowArms:1, NoBasePlate:1}
    For the first f, insert 0, 90, 180 or 270 for the rotation, depending on which direction the armor stand should face.

  3. @Mcgramm pay attention to the exact notation and type of the brackets, optionally you can use the ~ also enter the desired coordinates.